The Syria Campaign is an independent advocacy group campaigning for a free and peaceful Syria. You can find our latest press releases and reports below.

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21 August 2019
Release: Despair in Idlib as situation worsens; 530,000 people displaced in four months

1 July 2019
Release: Besieged civilians in Syria call on Pope Francis to raise their plight in meeting with Putin

3 June 2019
Release: Sixty prominent medics, including Nobel Laureates, demand end to Russian and Syrian airstrikes on medical facilities

14th May 2019
Release: 400 medics and White Helmets sign letter pleading for an end to the Idlib bombing

8th May 2019
Release: Assad and Russia have launched an offensive on Idlib. Millions are in grave danger

25th March 2019
Release: 20,000 Syrians disappeared by ISIS. Hundreds of bodies found in mass graves. Now thousands of people ask, why isn’t the US investigating?

20th February 2019
Release: Syrian regime increasing attacks on Idlib, killing 39 people this month as civilians fear an all-out offensive

30th January 2019
Release: Syria’s brutal winter flooded displacement camps, destroyed tents and brought freezing cold

10th January 2019
Release: Former Al Qaeda affiliate seizes control of Idlib after days of deadly fighting

7th December 2018
Release: The Syrian regime has been violating the Idlib ceasefire for a month, causing tens of thousands of civilians to flee

29th November 2018
Release: The murder of one of Syria’s greatest activists shames the West

24th October 2018
Release: Four dead in Syrian displacement camp under siege by the Assad regime

19th September 2018
Release: Idlib residents speak out on demilitarised zone

30th August 2018
Release: Syrian human rights campaigners project message to Putin on Russian embassy in Berlin

20th August 2018
Release: 212 chemical weapons attacks have occurred in Syria killing thousands of people, including young children

8th August 2018
Release: Children among the names of dead captives released by the Assad regime

19th July 2018
Release: Assad regime begins releasing death certificates for Syria’s detained and disappeared

27th April 2018
Release: More than 1000 bombs in seven days – civilians remain trapped in and around Yarmouk camp

18th April 2018
Briefing: 2.5 million Syrian civilians trapped under skies filled with Russian and Regime war planes

27 January 2018
Media advisory: Syrian women sing from open-top “Freedom bus” as a rallying cry to Macron

11th January 2018
Release: More than 50 Eastern Ghouta residents write to UN relief chief

18th December 2017
Release: Russian trolls attack Syrian humanitarians to cover up war crimes

22 November 2017
Briefing: Intense Aerial War on Eastern Ghouta Leads to 107 Deaths in Seven Days

10th September 2017
Media advisory: Syrian women to replace Big Ben’s missing chimes in honour of missing loved ones

3rd August 2017
Release: #TheyCantStopUs tribute to Syrian activist Bassel Khartabil

18th July 2017
Release: Syrian doctors crowdfund underground women and children’s hospital

16th May 2017
Media advisory: Syrian women to hold Geneva sit-in for imprisoned loved ones

11th May 2017
Release: Syrian doctors make unprecedented plea for underground hospitals as attacks increase

20th April 2017
Release: Head of the Syria Civil Defence Raed Saleh named in TIME 100 most influential people

5th April 2017
Release: Syrians use clothes pegs to ridicule international response to gas attacks

27 February 2017
Release: The White Helmets React to Oscar Win

12th December 2016
Release: “We could be saved in 24 hours”: Humanitarians in besieged Aleppo call for implementation of leaked evacuation UN plan

7th December 2016
Release: British doctors’ bold plan to send ‘people’s convoy’ to build children’s hospital in Syria

18th November 2016
Release: Eastern Aleppo’s Last Children’s Hospital Bombed Out Of Operation

3rd November 2016
Release: Peace activists blockade Russian Embassy in London to protest ‘annihilation’ of Aleppo

11th October 2016
Release: Syrians want international action to stop the bombs in Aleppo

7th October 2016
Release: White Helmets volunteer killed in Syria moments after Nobel Peace Prize announcement

22nd September 2016
Release: Syria’s White Helmets win ‘alternative Nobel’ award for outstanding bravery

15th September 2016
Release: Global stars come together to back Syria’s White Helmets for Nobel Peace Prize

25th August 2016
Release: Syrian doctors call on UN ‘to use force if necessary’ following chemical weapons report

19th August 2016
Release: Napalm attacks force closure of only field hospital in besieged town of Daraya

18th August 2016
Release: Testimonies from the photographer and rescue worker who responded to Omran Daqneesh

11th August 2016
Release: Syrian volunteer rescue group ‘The White Helmets’ nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

11th August 2016
Release: Doctors make desperate plea for evacuation of conjoined twins born in Syria

13th July 2016
Residents of Daraya call for a truce after intense attacks by Syrian government forces

11th July 2016
Release: New Video – As Syrian government accused of assassinating correspondent Marie Colvin, Syrian journalists speak out

22th June 2016
Release: At today’s memorial Jo Cox to receive ‘highest honour’ from the White Helmets, a Syrian volunteer rescue group

14th June 2016
Release: Report accuses UN in Syria of “taking sides” by putting Syrian government in charge of aid from Damascus

1st June 2016
Release: Airdrops must begin immediately if no access to besieged towns

19th May 2016
Hundreds of families have fled the villages around Deir al-Asafir town

17th May 2016
Release: The Syria Campaign welcomes ISSG call for air drops

12th May 2016
URGENT: UN, Red Cross and Red Crescent turn back from Daraya; Two civilians killed waiting for aid 

12th May 2016
URGENT: Red Cross, UN enter Daraya – town on verge of starvation – with no food

30th March 2016
Release: If Ignored, Daraya Will Be the Next Madaya

14th March 2016
Release: 5th Anniversary of Syrian Uprising

7th March 2016
Reaction to EU Migration Summit

3rd March 2016
Urgent call to international Humanitarian Task Force to ensure aid delivery to all besieged towns in Syria

25th February 2016
Release: Calls to save besieged Daraya

23rd February 2016
Release: Reaction to Syrian ceasefire announcement

17th February 2016
Release: Reaction to food and medical aid being delivered to seven besieged locations in Syria

12th February 2016
Release: Reaction to Munich Talks

4th February 2016
Release: Open letter from Syrians addressed to donor governments in London

29th January 2016
Media advisory: Syrian Soup Kitchen opens outside the UN

14th January 2016
Release: Besieged Syrians slam UN ‘complicity’ in denying aid to starving civilians 


May 2018
Idlib Lives: The untold stories of heroes

December 2017
Killing the Truth: How Russia is fuelling a disinformation campaign to cover up war crimes in Syria

May 2017
Saving Lives Underground: A case for underground hospitals in Syria

June 2016
Taking sides: The United Nations’ loss of impartiality, independence and neutrality in Syria

February 2016
Siege Update: More deaths in Madaya and Aleppo under fire

January 2016
Siege Update: Starvation continues in Madaya, threatens other towns