Syrian human rights campaigners project message to Putin on Russian embassy in Berlin

The illuminated message projected on to the side of the Russian embassy in Berlin last night reads: 100,000 disappeared and tortured by Assad. Russia: where are Syria’s disappeared?

On the International Day of the Disappeared (30 August), The Syria Campaign – a human rights organisation that supports Syria’s heroes in their struggle for freedom and democracy – sent a direct message to Assad’s long-time ally and military partner Putin in Russian, English and German.

Over the past seven years of the Syrian conflict, an estimated 100,000 people have disappeared in Syria, many suffering torture and extreme neglect. In recent months, the Assad regime has been releasing death certificates for some of the missing though families are not told the truth about how their loved ones died, nor where they’re buried.

The Syria Campaign’s director Laila Kiki said:

“The horror and injustice that so many peace-loving Syrians have had to endure at the hands of their government is beyond comprehension. The reality of the underground torture chambers and the effect that losing a loved one to the unknown horror of Assad’s jails has on families should shake world leaders from inaction – not least Assad’s closest friend and ally President Putin.

“We would shine a light across every embassy and government building on the planet if we could but on the day the world has pledged to remember those who have disappeared, this is just one reminder to Russia that there will be no peace in Syria until Assad is brought to justice for his actions.”

The Syria Campaign partnered with PixelHELPER Foundation, a group of artists and campaigners, to get the message to Putin.

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