What:  A peaceful sit-in by Syrian families on the second day of peace talks within the Palais des Nations. They will be linking arms and holding portraits of their loved ones, with supporters joining their action in solidarity. They will read their demands to free their loved ones and all Syrian detainees. The families are asking countries and delegations taking part in the talks to prioritise the detention issue.

Where: The main entrance of the Palais des Nations, Geneva (in front of the row of flags)

When: Wednesday 17th May from 12:00 p.m. to 13:30 p.m

Who: Families for Freedom is a women-led movement of the families of the disappeared and detained in Syria. Inspired by the Mothers of Plaza del Mayo and similar movements, the women are demanding that all parties to the conflict  reunite them and other families with their loved ones.

Why: The seven women leading the Families for Freedom movement have pledged to be present everywhere the fate of their loves ones is discussed. Their presence serves as a reminder of the cost of delay and inaction on the issues of detainees. While the diplomats talk with no urgency, thousands of innocent people are deprived of their liberty in Syria.

The women protested outside the last round of Geneva peace talks in February. They attempted to make their demands heard at the Astana talks, but their visas were denied.

The two women leading the sit-in on Wednesday have called on fellow Syrians and residents of Geneva to come out in solidarity.

Media:  Broadcast and print interviews are available on Tuesday and Wednesday all day. Please contact Bissan Fakih (details above) to book interviews with Fadwa Mahmoud, a founding member of Families for Freedom movement whose husband and son went missing in Damascus five years ago. Fadwa, a former detainee herself, is demanding the release of Syrian detainees and the right to know for all their families.

More information

Via Families for Freedom Facebook page or contact [email protected]