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Besieged Syrians call for airdrops to relieve starving civilians 

4th February 2016

In a letter to the leaders of the UK, Germany, Norway, Kuwait and the UN – who are hosting a donor conference for Syrians – local coordinators call for the UN to deliver life saving aid by any means necessary.

They are calling for the world leaders to put pressure on the UN to:

1) Deliver aid and break the sieges

2) Coordinate airdrops to the starving towns

“We know that the money you raise today in London is unlikely to reach us or alleviate the suffering in our besieged areas”

The UN is hoping to raise up to $9 billion to support Syrians inside and out, but community leaders are not optimistic that the money will get to those that need it most.

“As Syrian activists and humanitarians working in the besieged areas of Syria, we are witnessing first-hand a catastrophe that includes starvation, injury and death due to blockades and bombardment. We are doing the best we can to keep people alive with the little resources that we have, but we simply do not have the food, medicine or medical equipment to sustain our communities.”


For more information or interview requests please contact:

Henrietta McMicking [email protected] +44 7815 523 083

Notes to editors

  1. 3rd February banner from Kafranbel calls for airdrops Facebook Kafranbel Airdrops  – media outlets have permission to use this image
  2. Local coordinators include members of local councils, rescue workers from the Syrian Civil Defence (also known as the White Helmets), field hospital doctors, representatives of women’s groups and relief volunteers
  3. According to the most comprehensive study of besieged areas in Syria, conducted by Siege Watch, nearly 1.1 million people living in 52 communities are under blockage. People in these areas have no freedom of movement, no access to food, water or medical supplies beyond what they can smuggle in or resource locally. International aid reaches these areas extremely rarely, if at all
  4. The Syrian government is blocking aid deliveries to 99% of the besieged population. This includes areas directly besieged by the government and its allies and also Deir Ezzor, which is being besieged by ISIS while the regime is denying access by air for aid deliveries to its airport within the siege
  5. The Syria Campaign is a global advocacy group campaigning for a free and peaceful Syria.