The Syria Campaign is seeking a Data Analyst Consultant

The Syria Campaign is looking for a data analyst (consultant) to conduct rigorous analysis of our fundraising and campaign data.

We anticipate this consultancy to take 10-15 days at the start of the project, then 1 day per quarter for the next year to follow up and support ongoing reporting. We are open to different arrangements.

Application Deadline: Open until filled

About Us

The Syria Campaign is a small, fast-moving and powerful human rights organisation that has impact through stories, news and campaigns. We work to support Syria’s human rights activists  in the struggle for freedom and democracy, partnering with civil society groups inside and outside the country.

Eleven years since the Syrian people took to the streets to demand freedom and democracy, there are still millions of civilians at risk of military attacks, hundreds of thousands of people remain illegally detained and disappeared, and there has been no accountability for the victims and survivors. The Syria Campaign works to keep Syria in the international spotlight to increase the cost of attacks on civilians, help build the power of civil society, advocate for a vision of real peace and justice and build international solidarity with the Syrian people.

We’ve raised the profile of Syrian groups such as the White Helmets rescue workers, helping secure them millions of dollars to continue their life-saving work and making them famous around the world. We’ve supported the Families for Freedom, a women-led movement of the families of the disappeared in Syria, to ensure their demands are heard. We work with dozens of partners across Syria who trust us deeply. Syria is full of heroes and we’re privileged enough to work with them. 


  • Produce reports and analyses of our fundraising, audience, and testing data
  • Develop high quality automated report dashboards to monitor key performance data
  • Translate findings into easy-to-read recommendations to improve donor retention, engagement, and overall processes


  • At least 5 years of experience in data analysis or data science. Experience in digital fundraising context is a plus
  • Experience with database query languages such as SQL and data analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Google Sheets / Excel
  • Experience with ActionKit

How to Apply

The job is remote and can be done anywhere in the world, with a preference for European, Middle Eastern or East Coast US timezones. We have team members in New York, Berlin, the UK, France, Turkey, and Morocco.

We are an equal opportunity and inclusive employer and encourage applicants of all backgrounds to apply. We do not and will not discriminate on the basis of age, race, nationality or citizenship, gender expression or identity, religion, economic background, disability, or sexual orientation.

To apply for this role, please send a CV and project rate or day rate to [email protected] with a cover letter describing why you’re the ideal candidate. Please put ‘Data Analyst Consultant’ in the email subject line.