For a more detailed briefing on the situation or to get into contact with aid workers or civilians please contact Laila Kiki [email protected]


19th May, 2016

As a result of the Syrian government forces and allies including Lebanese Hezbollah fighters seizing an extensive area southeast of Damascus from rebels this morning, hundreds of families have fled the villages around Deir al-Asafir town.

Please contact [email protected] if you want to be connected directly to aid workers, civilians or would like a more detailed briefing on the situation.

The displaced families  are taking refuge in other nearby besieged towns in East Ghouta such as Kafarbata, Jisrien and Saqba. The situation of the families is devastating as they have no appropriate shelter or protection. The Syria Campaign, have been in touch with aid workers and families on the ground to understand the situation and push humanitarian actors to respond to their needs.