The Syria Campaign is recruiting a Fundraising Consultant

About The Syria Campaign

The Syria Campaign is a small, fast moving, and powerful human rights organisation that is building new ways for digital and creative communications to have impact. We work to support Syria’s heroes in the struggle for freedom and democracy, partnering with civil society actors inside and outside the country. We’ve moved beyond the limitations of an “online movement builder” or traditional NGO, fusing the best elements of think tanks, creative agencies, and digital mobilisation to shift the narrative on Syria.

Our programmes in 2020

It is not too late for the world to take a stand on Syria. We are not beyond justice for war crimes, and we do not have to settle for a war criminal. 

In 2020, The Syria Campaign will push for the international community to take meaningful action for the protection of civilians and for human rights in Syria.  The Syria Campaign will continue to amplify the stories of hope and demands for protection from our partners working in Syria, providing a rare spotlight on the heroes who have committed their lives to pursue freedom and democracy.  

We will have a strong focus on the United Nations and will produce a new report that examines their role in Syria, pushing for it to live up to its principles of impartiality. We will also push for a UN Security Council resolution on the issue of detention that recognises justice and accountability for detainees as a central issue for any peace process.

Families of detainees — those taken by the regime, ISIS and other groups — will gain global recognition for their demands when a high profile campaign captures the imaginations of millions. 

We’ll respond quickly to breaking news, turning around targeted campaigns in 24 hours when events demand it, mobilising media and supporters to influence decisions that affect human rights in Syria. 

We’ll achieve all this by training and mentoring our civil society partners to campaign or by working with our network of Syrian partners, creative communicators and campaigners to run ambitious campaigns ourselves. 

Purpose of the Consultancy

In order to develop our programmes in 2020 and beyond, The Syria Campaign needs to identify donors who may wish to support our work. 

The consultant will contribute to this by researching relevant donor funding priorities and funding streams. 

Expected outcomes

Support the senior leadership of The Syria Campaign in developing an overall fundraising strategy for the period 2020 – 23. The final fundraising strategy will be completed by TSC staff but the consultant will be expected to give critical guidance in the development of the strategy.

A fundraising prospects report (with an executive summary) that analyses and synthesises donor priorities and active funding streams/pots as they relate to The Syria Campaign’s overall mission as well as our specific programme areas.

The document should:

  • Prioritise donors that provide core support, but also identify donors that provide programmatic funding in areas relevant to TSC priorities. 
  • Include funding that is specifically targeted for Syria programming, but also consider funding options that are relevant to human rights programmes with a regional or global scope. We are particularly interested in developing proposals for more US-based trusts and foundations.
  • Include only funders in line with TSC’s ethical fundraising policy.
  • Include funding that is $20,000 USD and above.
  • Include primarily trusts and foundations with an interest in human rights funding and international campaigns. It may also include government funding programmes, though only for governments not directly involved in the conflict in Syria.
  • Suport TSC to develop a standard concept note template for project proposals and to develop an overall core funding proposal.

Suggested methodology

The consultant will work closely with the Leadership Team of TSC to agree a schedule and approach. 

  1. Interviews with TSC staff to discuss programme priorities and to advise on the development of an overall fundraising strategy.
  2. Desk based research of funders.
  3. Interviews with potential funder targets.
  4. Development of a final report. The consultant may determine the best way to present the final information.
  5. Development of the core funding proposal and project proposal template.

Job specification

We are looking for a consultant who has demonstrable experience of, and understands, donor funding priorities and streams within the sectors of human rights and democracy. Specific knowledge of funding priorities for Syria is highly desirable. They must be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of TSC’s work and goals. They must be able to demonstrate a track record of researching and summarising fundraising prospects, and in writing or supporting overall organisational fundraising strategies.

We anticipate this consultancy taking between 10 – 15 days.

The work must be completed by 15 April 2020.

How to Apply 

If you wish to apply, please submit your current CV to [email protected], along with a supporting statement outlining how you meet the requirements for the role.

Please also outline a brief methodology and the number of days you think this will require, plus your daily rate and availability.