We spent a year figuring out what works, and asking: Where are the gaps? What can we do? With that in mind, we are focussed on two pieces of work

1. Elevating Syrian Heroes

We will work with Syria’s rescue workers and medics to mobilise support from around the world to save lives and help end the violence. Through better reporting from the ground and more powerful stories for the public, we will increase the advocacy pressure on international governments to take action.

2. Planet Syria: Syria’s Peacemakers

For over six months we have supported the establishment of Planet Syria, a network of over 100 Syrian organisations campaigning to stop the barrel bombs and support a negotiated transition to a unity government without Bashar Al-Assad. So far there are 79 international organisations in support representing 217 million people. We will continue to provide behind the scenes support including capacity building on communications, campaigning, building a funding infrastructure and developing an international network of activists.