The Syria Campaign is seeking a US-based Fundraising Consultant

The Syria Campaign is a small, fast moving, and powerful human rights organisation that is building new ways for digital and creative communications to have impact. We work to support Syria’s heroes in the struggle for freedom and democracy, partnering with civil society actors inside and outside the country. 

Purpose of the Consultancy

In order to develop our work in 2021 and beyond, The Syria Campaign needs to identify donors and funders who may wish to support our work. 

The consultant will contribute to this by helping TSC develop further its fundraising strategy and identifying leading prospects for fundraising, with a focus on US-based donors.

Expected outputs

  • A research summary of potential US-based funders based on TSC requirements
  • A plan for approaching at least 5 new funders (to whom TSC has not previous applied), with the fundraising consultant expected to play a key role in facilitating the application process (applications will be written by TSC)
  • A short written analysis of opportunities for TSC to approach major individual donors in the United States 

Expected outcomes

  • The Syria Campaign receives support from at least one new institutional donor (including foundations and corporations) 
  • The Syria Campaign has an enhanced network of connections amongst major donors 

In identifying potential funders to TSC, the consultant should:

  • Prioritise donors that provide core support, but also identify donors that provide programmatic funding in areas relevant to TSC priorities. 
  • Prioritise US-based funders
  • Consider funding opportunities that are targeted for Syria programme, but will prioritise identifying potential funders in other sectors that TSC will not have approached in the past.
  • Include only funders in line with TSC’s ethical fundraising policy.
  • Include funding that is $20,000 USD and above.

Suggested methodology

The consultant will work closely with the Leadership Team of TSC to agree to a schedule and approach, but it is expected to include the following steps: 

  • Interviews with TSC staff to discuss programme priorities and to advise on our general fundraising approach, identifying opportunities for growth
  • Desk-based research of funders, and development of strategies based on the consultants existing knowledge of and connection with key funders.
  • After discussion with TSC staff, agree strategies for approaching at least 8 donors, from which we expect at least 5 to result in submission of applications or concept notes. 

Job specification

We are looking for a US-based consultant who has demonstrable experience of, and connections to a range of trusts and foundations in the United States.

Candidates with a demonstrable knowledge of Syrian, human rights and democracy funders are encouraged to apply. However, TSC has already a range of supporters in this area, and we believe that our opportunities for growth lie in identifying funders in other areas, where we can demonstrate that our work aligns with their interests. This includes sectors such as digital campaigning, countering disinformation, and women’s rights funders.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of, and alignment with, TSC’s goals. They must be able to demonstrate a track record of successfully bringing in new funders for clients.

How to Apply 

If you wish to apply, please submit your current CV to [email protected], along with a supporting statement outlining how you meet the requirements for the role. 

We will be conducting a first review of applications on 10 May 2021, and encourage anyone interested to apply by then.

Please also outline a brief methodology and the number of days you think this will require, plus your daily rate and availability.

We anticipate this consultancy taking between 10 – 15 days. A budget of up to $7500, plus any direct costs, will be considered.

The work must be completed by 29 July 2021.